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Thursday, November 17, 2011

He's Baaack


I has a compy! And what better way to usher in the dawn of my desktop, than to watch porn, pirate stuff, stare mindlessly at my facebook page for half an hour, AND THEN write a brand new blog!!

That is correct faithful readers...mom...mom, you still read this stuff right? I'M BACK! And yes I did make one mobile blog, but that took a really long time to do, and I hate texting. ( Writing that blog from my phone felt like I was just...texting the internet. When really Internet, you and I spend enough time together that we should be comfortable with phone conversations at this point. )

I hope having this desktop won't have an adverse effect on my athletic life, ( It will ) and I will be able to continue going to the gym on a regular basis ( I won't ). In fact, just to prove to myself that I can stay in shape, (  a lie ) I'm gonna go and stretch and do a core workout right now! ( Watch Asian porn and drink until I pass out in a big ball of shame...)

It's good to be back!...in my house...where I have always been, just without a comput-SHUT UP!!

Asian porn roves your soul!

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