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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alzheimer's and You

FUCK! Every damned day!

Oh hi there, Internet, how are you? I'm doing swell, it's my days off, and I have volleyball later today. You may find yourself asking, " Why the strange blog title? " Or, " What happens ' Every damned day ' ?" OR " How many licks does it REALLY take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?" Well, to answer those, I'm forgetful and I forget something at work at least once a shift... OH and 237, but you're tongue starts to bleed and the sucker no longer tastes any good at that point...fucking cheating little owl only taking three licks. ( if you understand that reference than you get a gold star )

And what did Lance forget last night? His glasses, and i'm PRETTY blind too. It wasn't until about halfway driving home that a road sign for my exit was coming up and I realized, " Hey....I can't read that...I wonder wh-FUCK!"

So among the many errands I must run today, and apartment cleaning I must do, Now I also have to drive all the way to work to pick up my spectacles, whiiiiich I am going to do right now. KTHXBAI !

Alzheimer's makes you forget you have a soul

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