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Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's only gay if you make eye contact.

Herro Interwebs,
Today is Saturday, and a lovely one at that, but here I sit inside my house cleaning and blogging.( In that order, not that I feel the need to pay attention to dirt before you, sweet internets, I love you. ) I find myself a bit irked that I am spending my afternoon cleaning, when I could of been getting a freaking pedicure! After my shift ended last night, a couple of my servers conned me into going over for a couple of drinks. This turned into maany drinks, and in our drunken stupor we decided that we would all get pedicures today. ( awesome, right? HEY! YOU DON'T SEE ME JUDGING YOU, DO YA?! )

Now somehow we managed to stay up until six, watching people spill drinks, and then catching them with their mouth before they managed to fall to the floor. So when I finally fell asleep it wasn't until 13:00 that I woke up,( Fuck you I'm using 24 hour time, deal with it. ) only to find the house empty, save for one guy sleeping on another couch. Is it a little gay that I'm upset that noone woke me up to go get our footsies tended to?!?!
So I bailed, came home, and began cleaning. Thanks alot, you-know-who-you-are! And don't say you tried to wake me up, because while I can ( and have done so ) sleep through and earthquake, I'm sure a couple nudges would of had me up!

Pedicures scrape the calluses off of your soul.

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