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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stupid things from Ignorant people! Volume 1

Hi everyone, I'm famed Assassin/Home Decorating phenom Lance Taylor, and I'm here to talk about nothing for absolutely no reason.

First on our agenda is a story from my workplace. I'm at work last night closing the bar, and onto the stereo comes Frank Sinatra's " Lady is a Tramp " ( a personal favorite of mine ). Now my cocktail server for the evening ( who can only be 3 or 4 years younger than myself ) says to me, " This song reminds of really old people wearing loafers in a gym or bingo hall, all shuffling around together " ( This might be paraphrased but it's pretty spot on.) I, being the take-no-guff man that I am, naturally jump to the Chairman's defense.Now after a few minutes of back and forth, civilized debate, we decide to bring a third party into the conversation. In comes another member of our younger staff, this one maybe a couple years + - myself. Now my given scenario for Frankie's song was simple, a nice jazz lounge with a piano based band on stage, possibly with a girl in a red dress sitting on the piano singing alongside. The new member of our debate, trying to please both of us, just takes the " bingo hall/loafers " scene, and changes it to a  " senior vacation destination/loafers "scene. Am I insane for being severely disappointed in our generation?

Stay tuned next week for " Why it's stupid when girls draw a moustache on their finger" !

Jazz music soothes the soul

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