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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Something to do

I'm back bitches! ( mom you're not a bitch I don't know why I said that )

So I'm sitting in Lethbridge in my friends 'Studio' ( It's a basement ) While his band practices before their show tonight. And I thought " BLOG ! " I really enjoy their  music, but I needed something to keep my hands busy while they play. ( Normally if I listen to it at the bar I have a beer in my hands...and at home, well lets face it, there isn't a time when I'm at home when my hand ISN'T on my penis )

So tonight is the last night of my vacation, and I've never drank so much beer in one week in my life. That is probably a lie but it's less dramatic if I say " I've drank more beer in one week than I did this week probably 4 or 5 times in my life! " Got a whole lot of nothing done, spent a lot of money and TRIED...tried... to get some quizzes done for work, but the program wasn't working on my laptop, so I drank...heavily.

Alcohol inhibits your soul's reflexes

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