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Monday, August 22, 2011

Holy Nostalgia! A blog about nothing!

Herroooo Interwebs!

So here I am sitting in my living room, watching DOA the movie, yes Dead or Alive. Don't judge me, I was a fan of the video games!( Not the volleyball ones, though they did give me half a chub as a kid, but the fighting style games ) And I'm finding myself entertained, which kind of makes me sad.

Alright so this is the longest a blog has ever taken me, I keep pausing to freaking watch this horrible movie that I seem to be enjoying. It turns out they've found a way to incorporate the volleyball into this movie....one more sad face for this guy!

Aaand it's done, it has officially taken me the entire length of this movie to write this blog, the gratuitous violence and scantily clad women officially turned me into a tv zombie, so much so that I didn't even say anything this whole blog! Thanks for nothing, Internet!!! . ( And I thought I had more class than that )

Boobs distract your soul.

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