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Sunday, December 5, 2010

*sniff*..its gone

What's gone, you ask? EVERYTHING! Well..not everything..but certain things are. For now anyways.

I've deleted Facebook for reasons non-disclosed reasons, for the near future, which means none of you are going to be able to read this. Also! I am no longer doing vlogs ( yes i'm supposed to be doing a video decathlon with Craig ) because my camera finally died. It is no more. This is a big ol' batch of destruction! Suck it all of my personal interwebs belongings!. . . wait...FUCK!

Speaking of destruction! Cataclysm comes out in two days and I am totally gonna bring my priest back to life to see the world end! I mean...I'm going to spend all my time working out and being cool!

I will try to blog still, here and there, but my studies (WoW) may get in the way once and a while!

Cataclysm will destroy my soul...


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your camera dude. Well, I guess the decathlon can be postponed until the new year. Maybe you can find a cheap one in some obscure little market there? Anywhoozle, I was kinda confused as to why I couldn't find you on FB, but I figured you likely have good reasons for deleting your account. Sorry for the long post, but besides email (actually, that just occurred to me) and Skype this is the only way I could still see what you're up to. Hope all is well!

    PS, Cataclysm is the DEVIL, Bobby! It stole the cute-anime-loving-gamer-chick-from-my-Japanese-class' attention. FML lol

  2. Yay no facebook, I've never had the facebook and I'm cool, so now you're cool! Ps google the MassEffect3 trailer from the spike video game awards, michael did it all, number one producer!!! and their game won best rpg. also have you heard of Fables? I've been reading them (comics, graphic novels whatever!) they are very good, and expensive, you can borrow them when you get home if you want:D ps I dont email but it doesnt mean I dont love you always like the little brother I never had.

    love your sister Bunny!

  3. Ahhh Glad you are still on here!! I hate not knowing how you are doing!! Xmas is coming and I'm sure gonna miss you not being here. But HOPEFULLY we can set up a skype session with all of us in Fernie. Glad to see you are still studying ;-) Does that mean you got your TV :-) Love ya son.