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Sunday, December 5, 2010

*sniff*..its gone

What's gone, you ask? EVERYTHING! Well..not everything..but certain things are. For now anyways.

I've deleted Facebook for reasons non-disclosed reasons, for the near future, which means none of you are going to be able to read this. Also! I am no longer doing vlogs ( yes i'm supposed to be doing a video decathlon with Craig ) because my camera finally died. It is no more. This is a big ol' batch of destruction! Suck it all of my personal interwebs belongings!. . . wait...FUCK!

Speaking of destruction! Cataclysm comes out in two days and I am totally gonna bring my priest back to life to see the world end! I mean...I'm going to spend all my time working out and being cool!

I will try to blog still, here and there, but my studies (WoW) may get in the way once and a while!

Cataclysm will destroy my soul...