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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last legs!

We may have to have a funeral for my camera soon, HOPEFULLY not until December 25th though, I would like to be able to wait until next paycheck to buy a new camera. But it's starting to do funny things and that makes me unhappy.

Good news! Have decided what to do with Craig..and as soon as the battery is charged for my dying camera, I shall film a video informing you of what it is we shall be doing against eachother. There will be actual deadlines for these things ( to add challenge ) so you can go ahead and expect a steady rate of vidjaness! ( by you I mean mom...it's really just mom who reads this  < not sure if my mom even reads this > )

LVL 70...

Been here almost two months, get my first paycheck on the 25th :)....and gonna game it hard with that paycheck. Vids and a lot of them ...not sure whether to buy a PS3 or an Xbox....I brought my xbox hard drive from canada ( *sniff*...it's all that has survived of the old leet ) but PS3 could rock some blu rays and free online madness. Hard pressed to make a decision.

Going to go play guitar and wait for my camera to take a rest from sucking.

Native americans believe cameras steal your soul....


  1. I also read these Lance.- B

  2. lol Yes your mom reads all of your blogs!! And so does your sister!! Weeee misssss yoouuuu!!

  3. Kick ass Lance. Im diggin your blog bro! Get a PS3! I need someone to play Black Ops with! -Stu

  4. Hey who said "I read these lance. -B."
    I'm B! and I didnt write that! I'm b the sister. Whoever you are imposter, Im happy you read this amazing blog by my BROTHER! Sheesh Lance you have been go soooo long, I'm almost finally done my degree. I hope you meet many Koreans in the Japan. Love Sister (B!)

  5. B maybe you had a few to drink that night and wrote the comment! he he. JK JK.. but it is curious as to who B is if its not his sister B.. It is a mysterious B.. ha ha