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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Somethings..happening to me!

Yup yup...something is definitely happening to me! Here I am in Japan working on a mountain for the next six months, and one of the things I've decided to do to pass the time is grab myself a big notebook, get myself about six college textbooks for Physics (introductory and up) and am just learning and filling up this notebook with information for myself. I mean, I always liked Physics in school but I never thought It would turn into one of my hobbies. I thought I would be interested in Pokemon until I was 80 ( Once you hit level 80 you don't really need to train your Pokemon any further).

Speaking of which, I'm currently playing Heart Gold through on my DS again. Heart Gold is a remake of the old Pokemon Gold game, with new Pokemon, a couple new places like the battle arena and such, and a couple new story perks. It is quite the improvement on already one of my favorite Pokemon games. I stopped playing after Gold and Silver, due to the fact that the Pokemon just got ridiculous ( I mean, more ridiculous) looking and I just had my fill. But I will still play this one and the originals until the end of my days.
Pokemon uses Hypnotize on Lance's Soul . . . Lance's Soul fell asleep.


  1. I've been playing Fire Red on my xbox. I had tried Ruby, but all the Pokemon were stupid looking. The best thing about the original Pokemon is that they almost looked like they could actually exist.

  2. agreed. ah, the days when there were only 150.