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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Musically Inclined

Alright, so I haven't Blogged in a few days! Big Deal! I've been lvling my toon and studying and pretending to exercise a lot so I've been busy. But it's been on my mind, in all honesty. But talking about things I've been doing other than geeky stuff is for the videos!

This Blog actually gave me a pretty cool Idea for a song, so yesternight I wrote one out and I'm very satisfied with the lyrics. It's a comedy, more or less, and it's got some pretty nerdy touches put onto it. That's all I'll really say about that cause I don't wanna give too much away before I post it. I'll probably not post a video or a recording of it until I get back to Canehdia and get my hands on some better equipment.

I haven't read any Bleach or Naruto in a week or two so I think I'm going to do that, this blog is going to be small as a result. I apologize for nothing!!

Manga eats your soul . . .

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