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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I hurt my Technologies . . .

News! I broke my camera. . . I think. I just finished filming a vlog and am currently in the process of editing it, but the buttons on the screen of my camera no longer work. . . and the camera doesn't correct the angles on the screen like it normally does. I'm awesome with electronics. . . *sniff* Why does everything around me break!! ( although I will admit that comes in handy when hounding people for candy and favors and such..sooner or later their will breaks. MUAHAHAHA)

I broke the E string on my guitar. My friend Adam bought strings for the guitar before I left Tokyo,and then on the train to Shirakawa, It snapped when it got caught on my backpack. Just my luck ( again with things around me breaking, I should try just hounding people for sexual favors and see how long it takes them to break ).

Geek news! Fable 3 Is coming out right away and I really am considering spending all of my first paycheck buying an xbox 360 aaand a TV. Oh and of course that game! and Reach! and Red Dead Redemption! And the new Spider-man game  I MISS VIDJA GAMES !!

But I'm going to go edit the video and then post it. So from the future..bye

Xbox saves your soul to its hard drive

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  1. Ahh :-( Broken things aren't good. lol But get used to it, cause you are my son and I break everything!! :D ha ha