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Thursday, October 14, 2010

God of Thunder...makes lightning

So recently I have started reading Thor comic books ( recently for me in the comic world is for about the past year and a half) and I gotta say I love to hate/love this guy. I mean half the time he is this arrogant pretty boy who is like " whatever, I do what I want!" and then, in recent years he's this Noble warrior who pretty much spends all his time trying to be perfect for his homeland and is being driven insane by it. ( Both versions of him still talk like an old-timey Douche ) That being said I'm still pretty excited for when the movie comes out, the cast seems pretty well put together, although I think Anthony Hopkins has been overused at this point and they could do well with a no-name Odin, but hey thats just my opinion.
I've also always wondered why they Call him the God of Thunder, when Mjolnir is capable of shooting lightning. I mean sure lightning causes thunder,and sure thunder is a pretty scary sound, but it's not like it's the thunder that he's using to fry his enemies. That'd be like if I used fire to kill everyone around me but called myself the God of Smoke. I suppose I'll never be able to ask him now will I? I'm off

Lightning Hammers eat your soul . . .

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  1. Pretty sure a peal of thunder is caused by his hammer strike... which is what's supposed to make it scary. Don't quote me though, it's my speculation.