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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blog AND a Vlog?!

What up internet, I've decided to call my new Blog the Quantum Theory of Gravity. Any physics buffs out there will either think I'm really dumb...or get the joke. I've decided to start a blog to talk about the things I don't really talk about in my videos. They're all generally Japan oriented videos and, while I may touch briefly on my other interests in the videos, I don't really do much talking about what else excites me.

I got the idea to start doing this because I enjoy reading Stu Pheonix's Blogspot Blog ( that's really fun to say), and even MORE fun to read! This is his Blog and you should reads it! He collects toys, much like myself with comic books.

So I've recently started playing Max Payne 2 on my computer, and it is making me miss having a console to play for when new games come out. I mean sure I'm on an adventure and I'm experiencing new things, but even if I tell my friends home a story about how I built a greenhouse or saw cosplay kids in Harajuku, they go " I just beat Reach", and I become jealous!

Someone mail me their PS3 or Xbox360 and I will mail you a signed copy of my soul!

Video games eat your soul anyway...


  1. I have never played a Max Payne game... should I be ashamed?

  2. you should be. very. i may consider taking you up on that offer, Lance

  3. Max Payne warms my soul...maybe this video game just likes its food heated before it begings to nom nom on my soul.

    Late Goodbye will be my wedding song, you'd be invited to my wedding if you weren't adopted :D gosh Im funny.

    YAY for studying lance!

    Love your SISTER!

  4. unfortunate you cannot edit spelling mistakes after a post . har.

    seems i might require more studying

    love dumb sister