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Friday, October 29, 2010

Gotta get on the wood daver Train!

OhmyGodOhmyGodIJustHadMyThirdCupofCoffeeLikeEverAndIDon'tLikeTheTasteofCoffeebutILikeThe EffectofCoffeeIt'sMakingMereallyreallyHyperGottagogogogogo. IfeellikeGarfieldWhenheJustDrankouttatheBottomofthePot,YouCanMakeLotsofGoodFoodCookinginaPot.

Life is like a hurricane, here in, Duckburg. Race Cars, lasers, Aeroplanes - It's a Duck Blur! You might solve a mystery, Or rewrite history!
Duck Tales! (Whoo ooh)Tales of daring do bad, and good luck tales! ( Whoo ooh) D-d-d-danger lurks behind you, there's a stranger out to find you.What to do? Just grab on to some
Duck Tales! (Whoo ooh) Not pony tails or cotton tails but
Duck Tales! (Whoo ooh)
When it seems they're head for the final curtain. Bold deduction never fails, that's for certain.
The worst of messes become successes Duck Tales! (Whoo ooh)Tales of daring do bad, and good luck tales! Not pony tails or cotton tails but Duck Tales! ( whoo ooh )

Taking the time to type that out calmed me down a bit...so I can space between my words because I no longer need the effect of me talking really fast. ( Good luck reading that everyone < mom > ) I'm gonna go do Tai Chi or something else that involves slow movements.

If you understand the title of this blog I love you.

Coffee burns your soul . . .

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I hurt my Technologies . . .

News! I broke my camera. . . I think. I just finished filming a vlog and am currently in the process of editing it, but the buttons on the screen of my camera no longer work. . . and the camera doesn't correct the angles on the screen like it normally does. I'm awesome with electronics. . . *sniff* Why does everything around me break!! ( although I will admit that comes in handy when hounding people for candy and favors and such..sooner or later their will breaks. MUAHAHAHA)

I broke the E string on my guitar. My friend Adam bought strings for the guitar before I left Tokyo,and then on the train to Shirakawa, It snapped when it got caught on my backpack. Just my luck ( again with things around me breaking, I should try just hounding people for sexual favors and see how long it takes them to break ).

Geek news! Fable 3 Is coming out right away and I really am considering spending all of my first paycheck buying an xbox 360 aaand a TV. Oh and of course that game! and Reach! and Red Dead Redemption! And the new Spider-man game  I MISS VIDJA GAMES !!

But I'm going to go edit the video and then post it. So from the future..bye

Xbox saves your soul to its hard drive

Monday, October 25, 2010

Holy Crap Internet I missed you

Hey guys . . . and girl . . . ( I assume only my mom reads this ). It's been hella long since I made a video OR made a blog, I've been working like crazy, and in my time off I've been doing activities and wushu and studying lots of stuff and I completely forgot about you. And for that, I am sorry.

I promise tomorrow I will make a video AND a vlog that isn't short and doesn't suck. So if you really really really love me you will visit both tomorrow . . . all 5 of you that read this.

GEEK NEWS! I've dinged 40 ( yes i've still managed to find time for that...you know what THAT is ) Which I think is pretty good for a week, or pretty sad for a week I'm not sure what to call it. I am going to go now and watch some Wushu vids and see if I can't learn anything more.

Wushu cleanses the soul . . .

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Musically Inclined

Alright, so I haven't Blogged in a few days! Big Deal! I've been lvling my toon and studying and pretending to exercise a lot so I've been busy. But it's been on my mind, in all honesty. But talking about things I've been doing other than geeky stuff is for the videos!

This Blog actually gave me a pretty cool Idea for a song, so yesternight I wrote one out and I'm very satisfied with the lyrics. It's a comedy, more or less, and it's got some pretty nerdy touches put onto it. That's all I'll really say about that cause I don't wanna give too much away before I post it. I'll probably not post a video or a recording of it until I get back to Canehdia and get my hands on some better equipment.

I haven't read any Bleach or Naruto in a week or two so I think I'm going to do that, this blog is going to be small as a result. I apologize for nothing!!

Manga eats your soul . . .

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dammit Lance

           Sooo when I'm not working here I've been doing a lot with my time, I've been playing basketball, I've been studying Japanese, I've been studying some physics,I've been working out, I've been going to the pub with other staff, BUT I still manage to have some extra free time with my day with which I have nothing to do. So naturally, I made the dumbest choice possible and reactivated my WoW subscription.
Now this isn't THAT big of a deal. . . yet. I've still managed to do all the other things that I just listed up top today and that makes me feel pretty good (I even worked today). But I still feel like a drug addict who just keeps relapsing even though they say they're clean this time. . . I'm essentially Lindsay Lohan with carpal tunnel, minus the ginger. But I just figured I would give everyone another reason to laugh at me, I'm gonna go to the pub now and NOT tell everyone I work with that I was playing WoW today.

 WoW takes your soul as a subscription fee. . .

Thursday, October 14, 2010

God of Thunder...makes lightning

So recently I have started reading Thor comic books ( recently for me in the comic world is for about the past year and a half) and I gotta say I love to hate/love this guy. I mean half the time he is this arrogant pretty boy who is like " whatever, I do what I want!" and then, in recent years he's this Noble warrior who pretty much spends all his time trying to be perfect for his homeland and is being driven insane by it. ( Both versions of him still talk like an old-timey Douche ) That being said I'm still pretty excited for when the movie comes out, the cast seems pretty well put together, although I think Anthony Hopkins has been overused at this point and they could do well with a no-name Odin, but hey thats just my opinion.
I've also always wondered why they Call him the God of Thunder, when Mjolnir is capable of shooting lightning. I mean sure lightning causes thunder,and sure thunder is a pretty scary sound, but it's not like it's the thunder that he's using to fry his enemies. That'd be like if I used fire to kill everyone around me but called myself the God of Smoke. I suppose I'll never be able to ask him now will I? I'm off

Lightning Hammers eat your soul . . .

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Somethings..happening to me!

Yup yup...something is definitely happening to me! Here I am in Japan working on a mountain for the next six months, and one of the things I've decided to do to pass the time is grab myself a big notebook, get myself about six college textbooks for Physics (introductory and up) and am just learning and filling up this notebook with information for myself. I mean, I always liked Physics in school but I never thought It would turn into one of my hobbies. I thought I would be interested in Pokemon until I was 80 ( Once you hit level 80 you don't really need to train your Pokemon any further).

Speaking of which, I'm currently playing Heart Gold through on my DS again. Heart Gold is a remake of the old Pokemon Gold game, with new Pokemon, a couple new places like the battle arena and such, and a couple new story perks. It is quite the improvement on already one of my favorite Pokemon games. I stopped playing after Gold and Silver, due to the fact that the Pokemon just got ridiculous ( I mean, more ridiculous) looking and I just had my fill. But I will still play this one and the originals until the end of my days.
Pokemon uses Hypnotize on Lance's Soul . . . Lance's Soul fell asleep.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blog AND a Vlog?!

What up internet, I've decided to call my new Blog the Quantum Theory of Gravity. Any physics buffs out there will either think I'm really dumb...or get the joke. I've decided to start a blog to talk about the things I don't really talk about in my videos. They're all generally Japan oriented videos and, while I may touch briefly on my other interests in the videos, I don't really do much talking about what else excites me.

I got the idea to start doing this because I enjoy reading Stu Pheonix's Blogspot Blog ( that's really fun to say), and even MORE fun to read! This is his Blog and you should reads it! He collects toys, much like myself with comic books.

So I've recently started playing Max Payne 2 on my computer, and it is making me miss having a console to play for when new games come out. I mean sure I'm on an adventure and I'm experiencing new things, but even if I tell my friends home a story about how I built a greenhouse or saw cosplay kids in Harajuku, they go " I just beat Reach", and I become jealous!

Someone mail me their PS3 or Xbox360 and I will mail you a signed copy of my soul!

Video games eat your soul anyway...